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Sunday, November 6, 2011 » Whats New? » Whats New?: "The numbers coming in from Alex for the .com version of this site are not staggering at the 22Million mark. Yet this site has always functioned as an add on domain under a very busy shared hosting arrangement
Frum Find operates on the theory, That we are, we are about to become. As it joins ranks with the ever growing world of Jewish websites, it asks that if you like what have seen here, and you run a Jewish website or blog, that you will help us grow a little faster by creating a link to our site, and placing it on you site.
While other websites might be interested in promoting a particular cause, seeks to find those essential elements which bind us together as one unified Jewish people. The Hashkafa of this site (perspective or philosophy) is to always look for ways to include others, based on common; interests, ideas, ideals, goals and motivations, rather than to to pick select and exclude, based on differences.While the above may seem to be a lofty goal indeed, it is the belief of the publisher of this site, that in order to accomplish anything great or small, we need to begin by taking the first step"

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