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Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Great Google Caught Flat Footed!

I have some very large and hopeful plans for working "with Google" to make all kinds of cash in large denominations (every thing counts in larger amounts). Therefore even though the web-world at large is often highly critical of Google, I have generally tried to pull my punches concerning this industry giant.

The most obvious is the idea of "Google" being some sort of monopoly. This concept may come into play with certain standard online advertising concepts like CPC (cost per click) and Page Rank (a google term as in Google Page Rank). Thankfully there are some other website metrics out there like, Alexa tool bar ratings for example that also have some very important statistics that are not controlled by Google, rather Alexa is owned by Amazon.

Yet this is the story of how I found google promoting product that is not yet even in any sort of preliminary or even Beta Version!

Is it okay for a giant resource locator, like Google, to promote a product that does not yet even exist?

I am talking about:

Now when a small independent Web Developer, such as myself, attempt to create some level of hype, interest excitement, or even simply promoting a domain, that may well be for sale. it understandable when such a developer pepper his postings with some hype about an upcoming project.


Copyrighted Materials

Before you put an image in your blog, keep in mind that some images are protected as intellectual property through copyright. This means that the creator has sole legal rights to their works and may not want you copying and displaying them. If you're unsure whether or not an image is copyrighted, it's best not to risk it. However, there are places that make it easier for you to find images you're allowed to use:

When Google actually offers up their "help" by way of friendly advice regarding using pictures from the web, a topic I am sure will be drawing more attention in the days, months and years to come, it boldly supplies a few links:

Guess which one is a website that is "not yet built" that's right,
 When you click on their link you get:

Thats right folks, you heard me correctly the great website giant, Google, has been caught flat footed by promoting a domain, that has not yet even been developed.

Just click and see, as of 11:55am ET there is nothing more than the image above to see when you click on a Google suggested source of information. Now tell me plainly, for those who understand how "traffic" and links, from Highly Ranked web sites plays into the Total Web Value, and Domain Value calculation, does this not at least smack of definite impropriety? Does this not cause one to wonder, who owns that domain, and what kind of product is being developed for whom and by whom?

As the owner of record of some older domains, and, and
 well as some recent acquisitions,, some of which were just added to as recently as last friday.

It seems in my humble opinion that when the  Web Giant, Google, does things like this, they are opening up a huge can of worms regarding preferentially promoting websites or domains that they may (or may not) have vested interests in.

Perhaps as a small consolation prize, as opposed to a large potential "award" for potential class action suits, Google should consider buying any "two word domains" with either the word s; abbreviations, pic or app as part of their names. In a web world so thoroughly dominated by this one company, Google, which is constantly threatened with ant-trust litigation, perhaps such a solution would be both fair and equitable.

I am sure that some of my other domains along these lines would qualify for sweet-heart deals with Google. It would not even take so much to appease my righteous indignation as an actual injured party, in Google's misuse of their great Google Power. Rather than disclosing potential domain values be they in the mid to low six figure ranges, I would happily consider such offers from some interested "un-identified" domain buyer, and then the gripe stops here!

Whats your opinion, we'd like to know.

Stephen C. Sanders
Independent WebDeveloper and Web-Network Marketing Innovator. 

PS: Never mind that these two app or pic domains are not .com TLD's, I most likely tried to purchase them with this TLD, yet who knows what sort of domains are even bought up by the large domain sellers themselves (with their highly questionable drop domain buying and selling procedures).


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  1. In case a reader feels that this is some sort of joke, I maintain that I am truly an injured party of this domain game: I placed (as an independent hopeful domain slaes person also hoping for some web-parking revenue on (just this last friday) only to see the DNS is not yet resolving to!

    Ad to this authors list of revenue damages by the capricious acts of this Web Giant in its monopoly type stance by supporting domains that are not even developed as of yet!


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