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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

M.A.T.C.K.H. - Participating Organizations

M.A.T.C.K.H. - Participating Organizations: "Charlotte Jewish Day School, VA
David Posniak School, Plantation, FL
Girls High school, Potomac, MD
Girls High School, Natick, MA
Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns & Rockaway (HAFTR) High School, NY
Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns & Rockaway (HAFTR) Middle School, NY
Hebrew Academy of Nassau County (HANC), NY
Hebrew Academy of San Francisco (HASF), CA
Hillel Academy - Pittsburgh, PA
Hillel Torah Day School Academy, Chicago, IL
Ida Crown Jewish Academy, Chicago, IL
Jewish Foundation School of Staten Island, NY
Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy, Livingston, NJ
Landow Yeshiva, Miami Beach, FL
Manhattan High School for Girls, New York, NY
Maimonides Hebrew Day School, Albany,
Manhattan Day School, NY
Oscar Fasman High School, Chicago, IL
RASG Hebrew Academy of Greater Miami, FL
Rav Teitz Mesivta Academy (RTMA), NJ"

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Boing Boing

Boing Boing: "Philosopher describes the Simulation Argument
Posted by Mark Frauenfelder on Wednesday, Aug 31st at 10:34am
Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom describes his Simulation Argument on a recent episode of the excellent Philosophy Bites podcast. He proposed the argument in 2003, and it is interesting to hear him discuss it here.
As I understand it, one of the following three statements must be true:

1. Civilizations go extinct before they are able to create advanced simulations.

2. Advanced civilizations are not interested in creating advanced simulations.

3. There are so many advanced simulations that is is far more likely that we are inside a simulation than in the physical universe.

I might be oversimplifying things here, but I think that's the gist of it."

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Jew Speak: Floating Freedom

Jew Speak: Floating Freedom: "On board you will find a world class casino, ferryboat transportation system, $200 million hospital, school system offering kindergarten through college education, international trade center, 200 open acres for recreation, marina for residents' yachts, golf driving range, bicycle paths, large shopping mall, and a landing strip for aircraft. This floating city will circle the world every three years. Real estate prices aboard the ship range from $180,000 to $44 million.

"Freedom ship" is an ironic name for what this ship represents. The makers of this ship are telling us that if we had all these luxuries we would be free. The question is... "what exactly do we become free to do?" Freedom described in the Torah is always connected to meaning. What is freedom without a purpose to it?"

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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Yeshiva World Frum Woman Killed In Flooding From Hurricane « » Frum Jewish News

The Yeshiva World Frum Woman Killed In Flooding From Hurricane « » Frum Jewish News: "Massive flooding swept through the village of Fleishmann’s New York, (located in Delaware County), after a lake and streams turned a local street into a river. The Valkyrian Motel was caught in the flood, and everyone ran to safety. Unfortunately, one elderly woman, Leah Stern, was unable to escape the fast moving waters, and went missing.

Rabbi Joel Gold a chaplain with the Delaware Sheriff Department tells YWN that rescue crews from fire departments in Broome County were called to assist with searching for her.

According to eyewitnesses, the motel literally floated away in the raging waters.

Advertise On YWN »
Unfortunately, her body was located a short while ago by rescue personnel."

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Friday, August 26, 2011


Magnitude 9.0 - NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN: "At least 15,703 people killed, 4,647 missing, 5,314 injured, 130,927 displaced and at least 332,395 buildings, 2,126 roads, 56 bridges and 26 railways destroyed or damaged by the earthquake and tsunami along the entire east coast of Honshu from Chiba to Aomori. The majority of casualties and damage occurred in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima from a Pacific-wide tsunami with a maximum runup height of 37.88 m at Miyako. The total economic loss in Japan was estimated at 309 billion US dollars."

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Free Video Converter

Free Video Converter: "Video Converter is a free tool that lets you convert any type of video format.
The video converter lets you convert to different video formats (flv, divx, avi, 3gp, xvid, YouTube, x264, vob, mpeg, dvd's, mov, mpeg-4, h.264) that can be played on any popular media player such as VLC, Quick Time, Windows Media Player and also mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod or any other mobile phones.
The most stable and comprehensive multi format video converter available - simple set up, just a single click to convert the video."

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Video Editing Software. Download Free Video Movie Editor

Video Editing Software. Download Free Video Movie Editor: "Related Video Software
Slideshow Software
DVD Burning Software
DVD Label Software
Video Format Converter
VHS to DVD Converter
Webcam Software
Video Broadcast Software
Video Capture Software
More Video Software...
Related Audio Software
Audio Recording Software
Multitrack Music Recording
Music Editing Software
MP3 Converter
More Audio Software..."

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Get The Best Compression Utility in the World - 7 Zip

Get The Best Compression Utility in the World - 7 Zip: "Features
Better compression ratio than most popular compression utility (WinZip, Rar etc.)
Super Strong encryption in 7z and ZIP formats
Self-extracting capability (Create an EXE file)
Powerful File Manager
Supports ZIP, RAR, ARJ, 7Z, GZIP, TAR, ARJ and Many Many More!"

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Online Storage & Online Backup | Livedrive

Online Storage & Online Backup | Livedrive: "Livedrive is one of the world’s fastest growing online storage companies serving millions of home users, small businesses and enterprises worldwide. Find out more.
Why Livedrive
Livedrive is the fastest growing and best rated cloud storage provider. Find out why"

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OpenSSH Alternatives for Mac OS

OpenSSH Alternatives for Mac OS: ""Fugu SSH is a Mac OS X graphical frontend to OpenSSH's Secure File Transfer application (SFTP). Fugu allows you to take advantage of SFTP's security without having to sacrifice the ease of use found in a GUI. Fugu also includes support for SCP files transfers, and the ability to create secure tunnels through SSH."

Cyberduck is an SFTP and FTP browser for Mac OS X.
"Cyberduck is an open source SFTP (SSH Secure File Transfer) and FTP browser licenced under the GPL. It has been built from the ground up with usability in mind, having the same consistent graphical user interface for both SFTP and FTP browsing. Multiple connections are supported. [...] Core system technologies such as the Keychain and Rendezvous are supported.""

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WinSCP :: Understanding SSH

WinSCP :: Understanding SSH: " On slow links, this may increase throughput, while in faster connections the added CPU overhead may actually result in slower transfers, particularly depending on the data type you’re transferring. Large text files may still benefit significantly, while binaries may transfer more slowly. You may want to experiment to find what works best in your situation. Compression may also improve security slightly, in part by rendering known cyphertext attacks more difficult and by providing less data for cryptanalysis."

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hebrew Letter Chet

Hebrew Letter Chet: H in the name fool you - doesn't make the "ch" sound you're used to in words like choo-choo, children, or chocolate, nor even in chrysamthemum or chivalry. In fact we just use CH because there IS no such sound in English! It's a slightly stronger H that sounds to many English speakers like you're getting ready to spit.

Israeli Movies
A number of Israeli movies have received international recognition. See if you can pick up some new words watching films in Hebrew, such as Summer of Aviya, Under the Domim Tree, and the controversial Kodesh!

Luckily there is such a sound in some other languages.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Man Behind Android's Rise -

The Man Behind Android's Rise - BY AMIR EFRATI

At the core of Google Inc.'s $12.5 billion Motorola deal is Silicon Valley engineer Andy Rubin, who in six years has reordered the wireless market and positioned the Internet giant as a central player in it.

Mr. Rubin, 48 years old, has changed Google's organizational structure and become one of the most powerful people at the company. Under his leadership, the operating system known as Android has become the most widely used software on smartphones—surpassing the creations of Apple Inc. and Nokia Corp.—and powering tablets from many companies. » Lamed Vav Tzadikim » Lamed Vav Tzadikim: "the very moment the light hit the silver it would be changed. I can even recall the hand gesture my teacher made when he explained the concept. The idea he was explaining was that the surface of the silver we see, had already been exposed to light, and the very moment we scratch the surface of the silver (to see the unreacted silver underneath) it will have already changed."

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Do You Keywords Mean Something Else?

Do You Keywords Mean Something Else?: "you're a company that sells advertising on billboards mounted on trailers pulled by trucks. It's a surprisingly competitive business; some firms are nationwide, and offer billboards pulled by bikes, Segways, and more. Some even rent “walking” billboards – not sandwich boards, necessarily, but people wearing four-foot-tall, skinny billboards like backpacks that can be made to light up for evening events. These “walking” billboards can even distribute brochures and other giveaway items related to what they're advertising."

What you can export from Facebook and how

What you can export from Facebook and how: "Tagged photos

PhotoGrabber is a useful application that will pull all the pictures you’ve ever been tagged in. Why would you need copies?  There are plenty of situations in which they would become unavailable to you: If you deactivate your account but still want access to friends’ photos you’re in, if a friend makes all their photos private, if someone shuts down their Facebook account…etc."

Google acquires Fridge for Google+, easier Circles on the way?

Google acquires Fridge for Google+, easier Circles on the way?: "twork, implementing it isn’t the smoothest process quite yet. Hopefully this is exactly what Fridge will cure. We’re fans of the game-like interface creating Circles has, where dropping a contact into the designated Circles gives you a color confirmation and +1 sign, but to fully utilize Circles you have to invest some serious time. Fridge has been a hit with users for how easily you can segment your digital social circles, and we have high hopes for how this technology will be implemented into Google+."

Why Google+ kicked out William Shatner

Why Google+ kicked out William Shatner: "Facebook users need to give their real name and information, and we request you help us keep it this way.” Of course, as can be evidenced by a slew of user names out there, this isn’t very heavily patrolled. But Google is taking things more seriously in an attempt to keep things professional and generally P.C.

And it’s giving Google+ a very different atmosphere than Facebook. Facebook’s early reputation was as a haven for college kids who had outgrown MySpace’s flash but not its basic utility"

Out of Left Field: Vmware Acquires Sliderocket

Out of Left Field: Vmware Acquires Sliderocket: "ollaborative presentations company.  Why is this a big deal?  Probably not for the $ value, but it may show Vmware’s intentions of getting in the Cloud Apps business big time.

After all, they already have an almost forgotten asset, Zimbra.  Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, Zoho … watch out!"

This Week @ ripe – August 5th « ripe – blog

This Week @ ripe – August 5th « ripe – blog: "Take, for instance, a current client of ours out in California.  We’ve been working with them over the past couple of months and have developed a super-colorful, extremely fun brand.  While we usually encourage clients to stick with one or two brand colors, we decided to go out on a limb and use a half dozen or so interchangeable hues for this project.  When it came time to design their business cards, we thought it might be fun to use all of their various colors on the back and to allow people to choose which color their business card would be.  However we nearly threw that idea out before even presenting it to the client.  Printing it the right way – with spot color – would require a six color print job which is tricky, time consuming and, of course, more expensive than a traditional four color run."

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Top cloud tweets decry data caps, winning hackers | Enterprise CIO Forum

Top cloud tweets decry data caps, winning hackers | Enterprise CIO Forum: "If the Top Ten cloud computing Tweets are any indication, the dust has settled from recent cloud hacks and server crashes. Indeed, we are back to talking about staple cloud computing topics such as security and ther ramifications of widespread cloud adoption. My favorite two tweets are 2) David Pogue's column decrying data caps on smart phones and Internet into the home, and 3) the LATimes story about how hackers are winning in the cloud."

New Jersey Angel Investors

New Jersey Angel Investors: "Meet some of our Angel Investor Members! Venture Capital and Angel Investors contact FundingPost to review dealflow every day. Here are profiles of active NJ Angel Investor Groups that speak at our Events and are active in our Online Investment Network. Our New Jersey Angel Group directory will provide you insights into what these Angel Investors are currently seeking and the types of companies they invest in"

Finding a Niche: Make Your Business Plan Stand Out |

Finding a Niche: Make Your Business Plan Stand Out | "o tackle a wide market is usually too broad of a scope for any but the largest companies to handle. As a smaller business, it's often a better strategy to try to divide potential demand for offerings into manageable market niches. Small operations can then offer specialized goods and services that are attractive to a specific group of prospective buyers.

There are undoubtedly some particular products or services that you will be especially suited to provide. Study the market carefully and you will find opportunities. For example, surgical instruments used to be sold in bulk to both small medical practices and large hospitals. One firm realized that the smaller practices often disposed of instruments because they could not afford to sterilize them after each use like hospitals did."

David Koch - Forbes

David Koch - Forbes: "n February, the hacker collective known as Anonymous took down a handful of websites connected to the billionaire industrialist brothers Charles and David Koch, accusing the prolific Republican donors of attempting “to undermine the legitimate political process in Wisconsin” during the state’s union battle."

Don't Be Indiscreet or Illegal -- #7 of The 10 "Don'ts" of Corporate Social Media - Forbes

Don't Be Indiscreet or Illegal -- #7 of The 10 "Don'ts" of Corporate Social Media - Forbes: "Bad News Travels Fastest      

Social Media’s reach is at once its greatest asset and steepest pitfall.  It allows you to reach a vast audience, but bad news and PR spread like wildfire. Rep. Anthony Weiner had his infamous pictures up for all of  minutes on Twitter, and he still got caught up in a media firestorm that destroyed his reputation and career.  This is true for companies as well.  Little mistakes – or ones that seem little at the time – such as not checking what a Trending Topic is about, can result in huge reputational backlash, so do pay attention."

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hamaayan / The Torah Spring - Vayechi -

Hamaayan / The Torah Spring - Vayechi - "Behold! The people, the Children of Israel, are more numerous and stronger than we [literally: `from us'].' (1:9)

R' Shmuel di Ozeida z'l (16th century; author of Midrash Shmuel) explains that Pharaoh wanted to make his evil plot more palatable to the Egyptians. He said: 'All these years, Yosef ruled over us and protected his people while they multiplied and grew stronger. Who is to blame for this? We are; it is `from us'! Wouldn't we have shown sufficient gratitude to Yosef if we had just released him from jail, rather than appointing him to be the viceroy?"

Monday, August 8, 2011

E-business co Plimus sold for $115m - Globes

E-business co Plimus sold for $115m - Globes: "Israeli e-business company Plimus Inc. has been acquired by Boston-based private equity fund Great Hill Partners for $115 million, its first Israeli investment.
Two months ago, Plimus Israel CEO Eldad Ben Tora told 'Globes', 'We expect major financial events at the company.' He said that the focus was not on an exit, but behind the scenes there were talks with Great Hill Partners, which has a portfolio worth $2.5 billion, including several online payment and e-commerce companies."

Announcing Vimeo PRO, a new account for businesses on Vimeo Staff Blog

Announcing Vimeo PRO, a new account for businesses on Vimeo Staff Blog: "Vimeo PRO is a simple and extremely affordable video solution for businesses. We've been hearing from companies for years about how they would love to use Vimeo for commercial purposes (something our current platform prohibits) so we've built a service and added some tools that we think small businesses and organizations will find very useful.

What's new with PRO?
We've introduced some awesome new features!"

About Movavi Company

About Movavi Company: "founded in 2004 by a group of digital aficionados dedicated to making video and audio processing as simple as brewing coffee. Here at Movavi, we believe you don’t need to know anything about video or audio formats to enjoy your favorite movies and music on the device of your choice. With Movavi software, if you can click a mouse button, you can have your video or audio in virtually any format you might need – in no time."

Pricing | Cloud Online Converter

Pricing | Cloud Online Converter: "Advantages of Aviberry

• Save time by automating the whole processes with the API.

• Save money by reducing expenditure on video processing specialists, hardware and software.

• Get the results you need with the flexible customization of video settings and conversion for specific mobile devices.

• Convert large numbers of video files; by exploiting the Amazon Cloud technology, the number of servers available increases to meet the demand up to several hundred conversions."

The Viddler Blog » Social Sharing Made Easy

The Viddler Blog » Social Sharing Made Easy: "Our Social Sharing panel allows your visitors to quickly and easily share a link to your video to a variety of social networks or social news sites.  Viddler encourages social sharing of your videos for personal use with your friends and family.  We also want to assist your mission of creating viral video’s by allowing your viewers to seamlessly distribute your content to muliple social media outlets.  Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitters are becoming more and more integrated with our society and overall business marketing plans."

Tuesday, August 2, 2011 | It might not work if we try? Yet if we do not try, we will surely fail. | It might not work if we try? Yet if we do not try, we will surely fail.: "Yeshivot who will not teach science because it conflicts with such extreme literal interpretations of the Torah which want to say for example that the entire universe was created in 6- 24 hour days.

Now if someone were to say, they are talking about “G-d days” they would say no.

Or that moon was created the same size as the sun (but they do not bother to teach you the physics of the thing..they even boldly go ahead and give you a Bracha that the moon should be “restored” to the size of the sun when Moshiach comes (without an explanation regarding how the earth would be pulled into and swallowed up by the moon due to it’s gravitational pull."

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