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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jew Speak: Floating Freedom

Jew Speak: Floating Freedom: "On board you will find a world class casino, ferryboat transportation system, $200 million hospital, school system offering kindergarten through college education, international trade center, 200 open acres for recreation, marina for residents' yachts, golf driving range, bicycle paths, large shopping mall, and a landing strip for aircraft. This floating city will circle the world every three years. Real estate prices aboard the ship range from $180,000 to $44 million.

"Freedom ship" is an ironic name for what this ship represents. The makers of this ship are telling us that if we had all these luxuries we would be free. The question is... "what exactly do we become free to do?" Freedom described in the Torah is always connected to meaning. What is freedom without a purpose to it?"

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