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Friday, November 11, 2011

I learn more from the things that constantly go wrong!

People are naturally interested in other people-Stephen C. Sanders,
Friday, November, 11, 2011 12:27pm 11/11/11
The concept is known as Murphy's Law, whatever can possibly go wrong, will.

A couple of days ago in another free form post on a different website I was talking about how I would like to protest too! Yet now I also realize that every single person (at least anyone I know) most likely has some sort of stubborn adhesion to some sort of concept that is possibly significantly flawed.

Part of who I am, and what I am all about is this idea of mine of always holding back a bit. I tend to not place all of my cards on the table on any given matter and I am not really sure why that I am that way. 

An interesting thing just happened. There was a rather large pause, between the previous paragraph and this one. I notice an attractive women at the outdoor patio area of a local Starbucks in the Rockland County area. [ Editors-note I am condensing a longer story that just flew in my head to get to the point ]
So, here it is, people are naturally interested in other people and especially single people. So I kept the eye contact thing going, and then she left after a few minutes. (Some story right!)

Well guess what, she came back with her friend, so I started up a conversation (people are naturally interested in other people, especially members of the opposite gender, especially if they are single).

So it turns out she, (the woman at Starbucks) is an editor, and as for myself, well, I am a writer, a fairly inspired one at that. 

Naturally, I could go on, yet suffice it to say that the initial connection I was thinking of, may have been politically, or socially motivated, trying to extend the things that I think about, or would like to argue about with others about , others who of course, stubbornly adhere to their own significantly flawed theories. Yet I realized there must be so many things within my own perspective which are also significantly flawed.

In life people pick up so many "non-verbal" cues. The theories that abound about how people only use some small part of their brain. Meanwhile it seems if we are all distracted from the things we need to do. Yet these distractions themselves may be entire worlds, waiting to happen. Now even as I set these words down, for immediate publication in the boundless waters of the internet world, I now have two editors in mind, instead of just one. 

                                    Here's a picture you can use if needed.

It often does not matter if your picture actually relates to your post, hoever feel free to use it if you like. The way I understand creative commons is that you can use the picture freely, and we do ask (if its not too much trouble) that you attribute it properly.

Photo by Dinah Sanders (my daughter) who happens to be a normal 14 year old teenager, this website can also use a little more traffic, yet I would prefer if you would use this related link, its also my website:

So that about wraps things up for the time being. It turns out that my distraction was every bit as interesting (more) than my current project. The current project be a flaw I had found (a technical one) with one of my other websites. The website is missing one word, although an editor with a keener eye then mine might find more.

Can you find the missing word?

Well, like I said the website had a flaw, and it looks like now its down. All these things happen in real time, and the reason why that website may be down, might be related to the same reason that it never worked in the 1st place:

Often I end up buying the .org or even a .biz or .us (even .info) however this time I bought the .com. I mention this only because I thought the website went down, and it does have some sort of issue requiring my attention. I turns out I was using .org when this time I own the .com. More on that later.

I am so glad we had a chance to chat! Keep in touch!

Stephen C. Sanders
Author,  Web-Developer, Innovative Ventures

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