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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Everything you need to know about IP's Url's DNS

Everything you need to know about IP's Url's DNS: ""We Just Added Banners, You can only fit so manny banners per page, so we probably will have to limit these to the 1st 25 responders, who purchase our “Bakers Dozen Package”. With this you will get your banner featured on one our primary affiliated websites, and an additional 12 button links (either 125×125 or 250×250 pixel bittons) based on availability).
Baker’s Dozen Ads run for one month, the $180 cost can be split into two easy payments on PayPal. Thats under $10 per link for niche specific websites with Alexa ratings with Global Alex Ratings from 600K to 1.6M and US ratings from 160k to 380K. ""

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