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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Today Is A Pivotal Day For Me

I typically avoid using I statements and writing using an autobiographical narrative style. 

However I have so many unfinished projects, loose ends, deadlines, expirations things to do that I had to get this idea out right now.
My daughter Dinah did this poster for a school project.  

Note to myself, make it a point sometime today to day as many of the following things as possible, not necessarily in the order that they are written.

1) Seriously asses current financial status.
2) Call a friend, just to chat about where I am at.
3) Ask one friend, family member, or other close person for help, with something that maybe I simply can't focus on right now.
4) Be sure to take several breaks, every hour, even now. You need to even just sometimes look up from the computer screen to relax your eyes.
5) Don't give up so easily either on your own goals for yourself or for others.

Seriously try to socialize a bit more! 

Being focused is great, and building up one's own business is an excellent use of one's time;

 However, one needs to come up for air, once in a while, take a break, walk away, and just relax. Trust me, you (I am talking to myself 1st and foremost) will be more productive, do things better, and live longer, be happier and be healthier.

Going out for air, is an excellent idea. As I sit here in this coffee shop I realize that great outdoors is just a few steps away, breath it in.

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