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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Social Advertising Cloud Is Here.

The Social Advertising Cloud Is Here

Naturally in the beginning not a single soul understood what I had been proposing. Of course putting together the entire network (and an independent freely flowing cloud none the less) was beyond laughable on the kind of budget that was readily accessible to me. Finally it was (believe it a not) a simple meta reading of the image that is the upper image of this website, complete with its cloud backdrop, was the final answer which had been alluding me. Fuses Together Some Powerful Motivations

I am thinking the entire project could be funded by the advertisers alone. You see that are already out there, selling the solution. Being that the technology already exists, it should take too long to pull the entire thing together.

The only remaining piece to the puzzle is to locate the right Angel. I don't think an organization is going to have enough understanding or patience to properly digest the Paradigm-Shift Info which of course is going to be necessary to initiate the project and see it through to its complete unfolding.

The proper links will be included in the next edit. Right now I believe I have a prototype concept in place which requires the backing of a an Angel that could handle 100k yet the seed would require less than half of this amount. The amazing thing in my mind, was that the final belief that this could be done only required me to see just one episode of Shark Tank. 

19th of Kislev, 5772
Aharon Moshe Ben-Dovid- AhMbDvd
Aharon Moshe (Stephen C) Sanders

You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created. Albert Einstein

PS: For my readers on and I am still finalizing the final page design where the holiday greetings will go. The 24 hour Adathon Extravaganza is extended through 6am tomorrow morning. Many of the web-projects had been significantly delayed by two flaws. One had to do with the Facebook send button, the first time I ever tired to use it was to send about 400 of my friends on Facebook a link (after carefully selected them, it simply did not work). The other was a combination of another Facebook problem where the familiar logo button did not send anyone to my page? (Still not solved) and when I finally got the Google Ad Sense code (script) the pages on BlogSpot did not allow me to add the script because of a problem which was solved by cleaning out my cookies. 

Talk about Einstein being right. The problem was solved on a much different level then I had anticipated. 

PSS: I still have 5- Auth codes worth $100 in Google Ad Words campaign, and I now have what looks like  two or three customers for Websites, (oh and one for this guy in Uganda)- that I might have to do for Free!  Another possible actually complete $180 Advertising Package customer, and not mention an anticiapted onslaught of $10 Holiday Greeting (or links) on the 125x125 pixel or now I think I can make the 250X300 pixel Ads for BlogSpot!

Oh let's not forget the Farbregen tonight!

Just typing about this stuff is exhausting, and I was supposed to develop no less than three new domains for my own sample and working websites!


Stephen C. Sanders
December 15th 2011 4:38pm

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