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Monday, October 3, 2011 » Blog Archive » High Level Ideas Down to the People. » Blog Archive » High Level Ideas Down to the People.: "It was actually the best use of Moshe Rabbeinu’s time; and the greatest thing required for Moshe’s spiritual development, as the leader of the emerging Jewish nation, to accomplish the mitzvah of bringing up the bones of Joseph, to help bring Moshe (who spoke to G-d face to face) closer to spirituality of the rank and file Jewish people of the Exodus.
It case this sounds to be an elaborate treatment of a small point consider this idea. Moshe was chosen to lead the emerging Jewish nation out of Egypt (at least in part-according to chazal) for his humble nature. He still had the difficult task of interfacing with the Jewish people and leading them into a totally unfamiliar situation. Therefore his personal involvement in the retrieval of Joseph’s bones was something of special significance in that in brought him closer to the people that he was chosen by G-d to lead out of Egypt"

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