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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


BARS FOR THE MIND: BIBLICAL ARCHETYPE RECALL SYMBOLS: "the order of the Sages proscribed daily prayer: “the amidah or shemonah esrei.” (Standing Prayer- or 18 Blessings.)
These blessings are mystically taught to correspond to the vertebrae in the human spine or the number of times the name of G-d occurs in the biblical account of creation. From either vantage point this foundational prayer is taught to parallel the basic foundation of our physical world: our very bodies and the physical world which surrounds it.
In the study of psychology the pioneer Maslow formulated a hierarchy of human needs starting with the most basic being physical and enumerating nine more in descending priority to human existence.
While that list may or may not be accurate for human instinct, from a spiritual perspective we want to underscore that priorities based on ideals of Divine will are higher then those of basic instinct"

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