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Monday, October 3, 2011

Does Google PageRank Affect SEO?

Does Google PageRank Affect SEO?: "higher Google page rank (at least they display on their toolbar) does not play a significant factor in producing rankings, it does at least provide insight as a metric to specify if a page is receiving significant link flow from either internal links from other areas of your website or external links from other websites.

While Google PageRank may not bring significant SEO value to the table as a metric of ranking power or ranking potential for a page in the search engines. Its significance does allow you to determine the extent of two facets that do impact search results (1) citation and co-occurrence and (2) the degree of authority passed from other websites."

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  1. Google page rank serves as a good basis and like what you've said, its impact to search results. Google page rank however counts has its serious effect too, it's one way or another a determinant that will let you know of your own page rank and the difference of yours to the others.

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