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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Life is a 15 Minute Shopping Spree, Rabbi Zev Leff - |

Life is a 15 Minute Shopping Spree, Rabbi Zev Leff - | "The shiur was sponsored by -Somaich Achim and was enitiled ”Joy and Happiness in your Torah Life”.

“Somaich Achim,  “Neighbors Helping Neighbors,” was started at the behest of the Rosh HaYeshiva and local Rabbanim of Clifton and Passaic. It is a case management program designed to help individuals and families in crisis withstand extreme difficulty, tragedy or illness.”

Jewish Family Services/Somaich Achim

Rabbi Zev Leff, had several different speaking engagements throughout the Passaic Clifton community this Rosh Chodesh Vayera, Shabbos, Jan 15th/Jan 16 2010, 1 Shevat, 5770. I had the opportunity to hear Rabbi Zev Leff, in three different shuls this Shabbos on three different topics.

The announcement from our Shul gave the following information about Rabbi Zev Leff:

“JFS/Somaich Achim invites the community to an inspiring Shabbos with Rav Zev Leff. Rav Leff is one of Israel’s most popular Torah educators who has the rare ability to bring across a subtle point of Torah learning with humor and analytical brilliance.”"

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