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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Must Have a Code, that You Can Live by. - |

Must Have a Code, that You Can Live by. - | "he took the first swing, I felt perfectly justified in hitting back with everything I had. I fought fairly clean, mainly swinging punches at the body or face. It sometimes would happen that my opponent would get the better of me. For example one kid had me in a head lock with one arm and was punching me in the face with the other. Yes, he won that fight, that was in Sequoia Junior High School. I later found he was the school jock from some pretty blonde haired girl who basically only carried a brush to school. News of such things travels fast, she came up to me and said:

I heard you got into a fight with so and so, the blonde girl who only carried a brush said.
Yeah, I replied (I was not a big talker back then).
You know he is the school jock.
Oh, (a small smile must have flashed across my face)…
Yeah (responded blonde brush girl).. he’s quarter-back on the football team."

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