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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Welcome to Nikolsburg

Welcome to Nikolsburg: "There was no need to hear Hashem’s command; it was enough to see his talents and capabilities to understand that he was chosen for this purpose.

Our sages tell us (Berachos 55a):  “Betzalel knew Hashem.”   Betzalel was so wise that he was able to connect the Hebrew letters in the same way that Hashem connected them to create the world.  Betzalel realized that he had great skills, so he tried to use them for Hashem.  He perfected and enhanced his skills for this purpose to such an extent that he was able to discover the secrets of creation!  He wasn’t satisfied with using his skills for mundane purposes, and in his quest to use them for higher purposes he ultimately was able to discover the deepest secrets of the world."

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