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Monday, January 30, 2012

I’ll Be With You When The Stars Start Falling. - |

I’ll Be With You When The Stars Start Falling. - | "branch of psychology that dealt with this is known as gestalt, and I happened to have read a book entitled “In And Out Of The Garbage Pail” by Fritz S. Perls.” and the amazing thing about my mind, was that I had the whole footnote down except for one letter. I had thought the last name was spelled with an “a”. So what I imagine the voices of my tireless critics coming to mind.

So what indeed, right back at you. Being blessed with a beautiful mind is not necessarily always an asset. As a matter of fact I recall writing some of my very own self styled treatises on the very concept of “Getting caught in the analytical”. While it may seem like I have conveniently left behind my very own concept, the truth is that I have not done so."

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