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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Collaborative Partnerships | IP

Collaborative Partnerships | IP " willing to demonstrate some level of mastery within the context of any of the specifics related to the venture as a whole, without exposing the idea in all its nuances prior to obtaining concrete commitments from the potential investors or working partners. Developing a collaborative effort in an environment where many people (the collective pool from from which you may seek to find an interested investor or partner) are already typically highly stressed in order just to keep up with the current demands on their time.

In contrast the first time venture initiator/creator would be correctly intimidated to approach those who are already firmly entrenched in the area known as venture capitalism, primarily due to the innovators inexperience, there is a great likelihood that such an individual will not obtain a fair, reasonable or even equitable offer, being so entirely unfamiliar with the venture capital procedure."

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