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Sunday, July 31, 2011 » Big Mac Attack » Big Mac Attack: "My first encounter with the world of nutrition took place in the mid 80′s when a biology professor of mine at Queens College starting talking about the inhumane treatment of chickens raised for slaughter along with other information regarding using hormones on these animals that really become reduced to machines to produce meat for our dietary needs. Now mind you I had just left one of the finest Respiratory Therapy programs being conducted by UCLA hospital in conjunction with Santa Monica College. It was not because I was squeamish, or because the study was too rigorous it really had more to do with how most of the patients requiring our care had gotten there. You guessed it, cigarette smoking. It may have been just too much for me, when a patient right after getting a bronchosol treatment administered via an aerosol mist which he inhaled over several minutes then requested a permission to have a cigarette and then was allowed, might have been just a tad too much irony for myself."

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