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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kiryat Arba - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Kiryat Arba - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Antiquity
Hebron is one of the earliest towns mentioned in history, and is the first Jewish settlement. According to the Bible (Numbers 13:23) it was founded seven years before Zoan or Tanis, the most ancient town in Lower Egypt, which means that it existed from the first half of the third millennium B.C. Josephus (Bel. Jud., IV, ix, 7) says that in his time the town was already 2300 years old. It was originally called Kiriat Arba, or Kiriat- ha-Arba (D. V. Cariath-Arbe, Genesis 23:2, 35:27; Joshua 14:15, 15:13, 15:54, 20:7, 21:11; Judges 1:10; Nehemiah 11:25) from the name of Arba, “the greatest among the Enacims” (Joshua 14:15). [10]"

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