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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tune into Your Social Sphere | Fox Small Business Center

Tune into Your Social Sphere | Fox Small Business Center: "using a tool like HootSuite, you can monitor mentions of your brand(s), key executives’ names, and product names to gather opinions. In addition to, tracking general industry terms and even competitor’s keywords, to see how the market perceives your differences.

Be sure to catch all the mentions by including misspellings, and synonyms for the products or services you provide, as well as anything else directly related to your business.

Say Hello!

Once you’ve started monitoring these words, you’ll notice the same people popping up and frequently talking about your brand. From there, you can begin reaching out and engaging with these enthusiasts. Just remember, this is a conversation… and is enjoyable (mostly), as these people are interested and/or passionate about your business — just like you are"

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