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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Beis of Creation.: The Beis of Creation

The Beis of Creation.: The Beis of Creation: "The vessels which were to receive this light, in its pure form emanating from Elokim, the cause of all causes, the creater of the Universe, were not able to contain this light and shattered. The breaking of these vessels should not chas va shaolom ever be thought of as an imperfection in Hashems creation, rather it is something which is intamtely tied in with free will, and another important concept called bread of shame.

The vessells were creted with each utterance and likewiss could not contain the energy which issued from Hashem within his ten utterances which are deliniated in Bereshis (Genesis). These vessels are individually referred to as the ten sphierot fused into what might could be called the first man or primordial man or Adam Kadman."

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