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Friday, January 25, 2013

Into the Fray: Be afraid, very af... JPost - Opinion - Columnists

Into the Fray: Be afraid, very af... JPost - Opinion - Columnists: "These are all issues which neither Lapid nor Yacimovich have any competence to deal with – or lay claim to any such competence. Indeed, neither gave them any centrality during their campaigns. Yet they enticed almost a third of the electorate to vote for them.

Disturbing drop in national adrenaline?

The fact that such a significant portion of mainstream Israeli voters supported lists that not only deliberately downplayed – but made little pretense of intending to address – matters that impact the very survival of the state, seems to point to a dramatic and disturbing drop in the levels of “national adrenaline.”

For given the immediacy and the intensity of the threats facing Israel, it seems almost inconceivable that the issue of who was best suited to deal with them played such a negligible role in the election."

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It's an unfortunate new set of givens, that today's politicians are only going to address the issues which can make them look good. World-wide politics, global situations of tragic proportion and danger popping all over the world, apparently no longer have an appropriate central place in the arena of political campaigning. It's as if the whole world was a group having some level of untreated ADD or ADHD! 

If a given politician can't answer a political question in under two minutes, then the entire thing gets abandoned. Then, when all hell breaks lose (and it seems like this is going to happen) there will be no accountability, at all for our world leaders, who are more than happy to stick their collective heads into the ground!

Stephen C. Sanders- An editorial response promoting the position of:

Into the Fray: Be afraid, very afraid

01/24/2013 21:32

The election results indicate the Israeli electorate has become dangerously detached from real challenges the nation needs to address.


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