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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Will The Occupy Wall Street Movement Continue?

Will The Occupy Wall Street Movement Continue?: "While many find it difficult to unequivocally state that this group (movement) is wrong, the surprising thing I have found that many people simply say, this group is not entirely wrong.

What this means is that the rank and file people of the US have woken up and realized that government process is substantially run by the economic interest that stand to gain or lose the most by what the government does.

The thing that has precipitated this is when the government did the unthinkable which was to bail out businesses, banks, and other large corporate concerns. The government has essentially become a vassal of big business. In other words the US government is sort of like a publicly held "not for profit corporation" which is run by a board of directors (it share holders) the one's with the most money hold the largest shares and effectively buy their influence."

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