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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mitt Romney: Tisha B'Av in Jerusalem | The Weekly Standard

Mitt Romney: Tisha B'Av in Jerusalem | The Weekly Standard: "Romney and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed the appropriateness of a Romney visit to Israel on this date. But Netanyahu, THE WEEKLY STANDARD has confirmed from top aides in Jerusalem and Boston, encouraged Romney to be in Jerusalem on this solemn day, one that recalls the tragedies of Jewish history and calls to mind current threats to the Jewish people.

Indeed, THE WEEKLY STANDARD can report that Prime Minister and Mrs. Netanyahu have invited the Romneys to join them for the traditional meal breaking the fast following sundown after Tisha B’Av. "

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Editor/Publisher's Opinion:

It's clever polotics, with minimal possibilities for backfiring. It's clear that Obama has said and done much to simply disenfranchise Jews who strongly support Israel. I suppose in the back of everyone's mind is:

Is Obama capable of doing anything profound in his apparent favoritism towards the "non-Zionistic" side of things in general? Will his absolute allegiance to the principles of a strong US military as the primary defense against the threat implicit in the planned Iran implementation of a nuclear weapons program.

If Obama does not initiate effective actions including a potential preemptive military action to regain the dominance the US  once had with regards to its unique position worldwide in, and its stance longstanding stance against the proliferation of nuclear weapons, then Obama would have missed his opportunity to potentially take his place amongst the great leaders of the United States.

The dramatic effect of non-action, could potentially only become significant if his administration becomes the reason for allowing a new, wealthy and technological threat to world peace to develop in this very volatile part of the world.

 Logic dictates that action, including dramatic, effective and strategic strikes against the uprising of a significant threat to World Peace, in the middle east must be taken under the watch of our current President's leadership.

The lack of decisive action in the middle east will effectively seal the failure of  Obama's re-election. The people of the United States simply do not want another super-power, to develop when the US has the power and the strategic military connections, to stop if.

If Obama is willing to gamble that the usual ever present anti-semitic feelings, along with  perceived world-wide anti Israel sentiment, will excuse his in-adequate handling of the clear and present danger associated with a nuclear Iran, he will simply continue in his rhetoric.  The absence of establishing of effective plan to counteract, or failure to develop enough economic or political pressure on Iran to cease and desist from its nuclear plans, will become the legacy of what his administration will be known for.

The simply attempt to placate pubic opinion with domestic and job related issues, will not carry the voters, in the final tally. The first duty of the President of the United States is to protect the nation form its enemies.

If Obama fails in this respect primarily due to his perceived bias towards factions which seek and hope to destroy Israel, (based on his un-apologetic muslim beliefs)  Obama will be directly responsible for a very dark legacy, in allowing instability to develop unchecked in the middle east in the form a nuclear capable Iran.

Editorial Opinion By: Stephen C. Sanders,  Sunday, July 22,  4:08pm

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